Saturday, October 4, 2014

Making butter

This week has been full. Making, creating and field trips. Thayne had fun taking cream and a little secret step and making beautiful butter.

You see there is a natural way to make butter a bright lovely yellow...want to know the secret?

That's right....carrots! We grate carrots and add them to our cream. Then stir it round a bit then strain.

Then shake, shake, shake. Soon it separates from the whey. We did add a touch of salt.

Strain again and voilĂ  tasty butter for our bread. We had some dragon bread left over from Michaelmas to try it on. So yummy!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Every grade level I swear I love the best. Each time I teach, refresh and renew there is just joy in my soul.  There has been such a shift in my boy. The nine year old change was immensely a positive thing for him. He is so much more grounded and able to focus. Today we found many different grains and made flour...lots of types of flour. Tomorrow we will make yummy bread. He was so thrilled by the different textures. Kamet, spelt, oats, rice, corn, wheat - so many lovely grains that have nourished through the centuries.

We are so blessed to have so much. May we always be grateful.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Testament

Oh ...each year when we start I remember how much I love this curriculum. This is my fifth round teaching third grade. Truthfully there are parts of me that are sad that he is my last child to go through our home school. I know I was brought to this 20+ years ago for this little boy in particular. He needs Waldorf to thrive.
We have been having fun with the creation. Today was Day 5 - water animals and birds.

I have been really loving a poem by Catherine van Alphen.
The Song of Creation
The chorus part is this:
"And God in His glory rejoiced to see
The sweet light of morning in fresh mystery,
The twilight of evening, the darkness of night
On that wondrous day,so filled with God's light;
The first days of creation."

It is in her Waldorf Grade 3 manual which you can download at

Thayne and I have been talking about fish all morning. He is fascinated that some can fly and even breath for a bit on land. I love seeing his face light up when he is learning new things. We might even have fish for supper just for fun.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Microscope work

Quayde is so loving his school work this year!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Black plague

We are having some fun here learning about disease!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The kiddos and I spent a wonderful afternoon creating these interesting Michaelmas window scenes. I had cut out the figures and they assembled them as we talked about the dragons we fight in our own lives. Each year we take this time to reflect how we can overcome those parts of us and bring more light into our family.

 This year we were wanting to celebrate big but sometimes plans do not always work out just how one wants. We ended up driving around , spotting a park and quickly eating. Stories were told, we wrote on our dragons and then we burned them as the remaining slivers of sunlight were trying hard to support our meager celebration.
   It wasn't fancy or even remotely what we had originally planned but it was us together, enjoying each others company, that is really what family celebrations should be about.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here we go again

It's planning time. Time to set the rhythm, routine and tasks down so we can start up again anew. Time to refresh and get excited. Part of me feels like it is time to panic! This will be our 21st year homeschooling. Twenty-one years is longer than I have done anything else in my life consistently. Our Waldorf lifestyle completes me and yet even after all the years, I am still not totally confident that I will pull it all off this year.

I am thinking it also comes from being over 40 and having that wisdom of mortality. I've experienced so much heavy stuff over the years and that's where my demons come from. I know my littles are not so little anymore. My older girls have college, boyfriends, lives where I am now a sounding board and consultant. It is good. Really good! But still......

There is still so much I want to teach, to show and to model for them. Yet it is like a giant buffet, one can not eat everything that there is. It all looks so yummy; yet we must pick and choose carefully.

This year Thayne will be 1st, Lydia 7th and Quayde is continuing on with High School. I am reviewing and renewing. Waldorf requires more of me than other curriculum. It is a good requirement, that brings in both soul and spirit. I know this method works. My older children model its success everyday. I still worry about failing, that's the human nature part that keeps us striving to be better. So we sing together, play together and create together..... the learning is the delicious dessert.

Here is to a new fabulous, magical school year!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living science

Just some pics of science fun we have had over the last several months.
 We made an attempt at hatching our own chickens. It was a failure. We had a touch of sadness along the way because our little chicks didn't make it. It was a good lesson and helped us understand that we need to be mindful always of how even little lives are precious.

 Our beach featured horsecrabs. We actually found two mating and it was quite interesting as the water threatened to wash them away.
A momma spider with hundreds of babies on her back. Seriously creepy but very facinating as we watched them hatch out. 

Science is so much fun in real life!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Season exchange- Winter

We created these cute little treasures for our season exchange with a sweet mama and her girl in Mexico. Unfortunately, the mail system has greatly let us down because they still have not received them. We packed a lot of love in the little package too.

 The frame is really cool. I painted a gradient that doesn't show well in the picture. It starts out light blue and then is a dark violet at the end but I think the flash washed it out too much for the picture. Hopefully Heather can use the three window stars for Valentines instead of Christmas. We used salt to 'frost' our pinecone and it worked wonderfully well. I think next year the kiddos and I will make a lot for our tree. I hope they get our package soon!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas accents

Nature called us to celebrate the season and gather! We headed out just a little way from our home and looked for Holiday cheer. We, of course, found bliss along the way.

We found treasures!